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понедельник, 1 июля 2013 г.
Representative of fashion and identity with a watch jennifer0812 09:09:07
Do you have a wrist watch? Somebody may say that wrist watch has been obsolete. But just the opposite, it’s the representative of fashion and identity in some occasions.
The watches are divided into several categories: Mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz watches, light energy watches and diving watches. For most people, the watch is just for watching time only. But now, watches is already the accessories of showing fashion tastes, passing emotion as a gift.
During the festival, people will always choose to send a watch to their lover, on behalf of their own heart. Convey love need to ingenious idea, choose a couple of watches to write the love on the wrist.
Look these couple quartz wrist watch. Perfect gift for anyone who wants to be special.
Wrist Watch Features:
3.Style:Wrist Watch
5.Band Material:P­U
6.Band Color:Brown, Red
7.Case Diameter Approx (cm):3.5
8.Case Thickness Approx (cm):0.7
9.Band Length Approx (cm):21
10.Band Width Approx (cm):2.2
Wrist Watch Package Includes:
2 x Wrist Watch
There are also other kinds of watches on Aulola. Watches for children to record his growing bit by bit, let he feel a deep sense of love and hope. Choose one to your parents, let the thoughts and every word of the obsession with deeply wishes to your parents.
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четверг, 27 июня 2013 г.
How to choose the most suitable earphone? jennifer0812 10:12:19
With the accelerated process of urbanization in China, more and more people are choosing outdoor lifestyle to relieve the pressure. A wide variety of audio and video entertainment products become an indispensable assistant, so weather indoors or outdoors, earphone is a necessity in our lives.
The earphone is people’s portable audio. Nowadays, the earphone classification is very detailed. According to the different occasions, choose a suitable earphone is become a symbol of fashion life.
From a structure classification, earphone can be divided into semi-open and closed. From wearing style, it can be divided in to inner earphone, hanging ears, in-ear and headset. How to choose the most suitable one for yourself. There are some different types of earphone for you.
1. Earplugs style
This earphone for iphone 5 and iPod and shuffle,with Great sound quality and bass response. Built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume. Standard 3.5mm TRS cord fits all MP3 players with 3.5mm jack.
2. Hanging ears
This hanging earphone is 360°full sound virtual surround. The superb sound without wires. It’s a micro SD player with FM stereo radio, 8 up to hours playback.
3. In-ear
This is a free style MP3 player with in-ear headphones. Sports Slim design and great for people who love to listening music and doing exercises, you can enjoy music and sports at the same time. It can be used as U-Disk for personal data storage.
4. Headset
This is a headphone style sport mp3 player. It support MP3/WMA/WMV,FM. The outside memory surport micro sd card. It With built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, to recharge battery via USB connection to computer. Continuously work for over 8 hours up if you charging 2.5 hours.

In the future, people's pursuit for quality, let them on the headset into more and more high. Hope you can get their desirable products consumers.
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вторник, 25 июня 2013 г.
Car charger is convenient to your life jennifer0812 08:01:33
Series of Apple products are sale hot now. All products are intelligent, and therefore the power consumption of these products is high. Many people are complaint that it’s a troublesome thing when you go out and your electronic products battery died.
In order to solve these problems, different kinds of chargers have been produced. Chargers can be divided into several categories:
1. Senior business charger: business travel charger, charging is fast and very safe. The price is slightly higher than the average charger,
2. Seat-type charger: The unique appearance and it’s easy to carry, it’s suitable charge for 200-3000mAH battery.
3. USB charger: With USB output interface,
4. Line charger: General phone charger
5. Car charger: Use the universal power in the car as a supply power unit.
6. Wireless: Use the magnetic resonance to achieve wireless charging charger.
Car chargers are most popular of these chargers. Hot saling car chargers in the market are iPhone car chargers and ipad car chargers. Here is a charger produced specifically for Apple ipad device. This 10 watt (input 10 – 24V DC at 1A) will rapidly charge your device and features double circuit protection for your safety. The glow-through blue LED makes the charger easy to locate when charging your ipad.
Look a ipad car charger features below:
1.Compact design and retractable coil cord are made for easy storage.
2.Built-in charging circuitry protects your car against back-flow current and your ipad
3.Allows quick charging while on the go
4.Fits into any 12V accessory outlet of car lighter jack.
5.Compatible with: ipad
6.LED power indicator
Some car chargers have dual usb port charger for you to charge two devices in the same time. You can according your needs to choose the right car cahrgers, the premise is that we must pat attention to the voltage level.
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Категории: Ipad car chargers, Dual usb port charger
понедельник, 17 июня 2013 г.
Do you know solid hard drive? jennifer0812 08:35:38
Are you tired of traditional hard disk noise and slow speed? Nowadays, these solid hard disks are popular in PC market. Most SSD and traditional hard disk are made into the same size, such as 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch, and uses a compatible interface.
Many people asked that why i need a solid state drive? As far as i know, SSD is used in laptop to instead of traditional hard drives. Compared to the traditional hard drives, SSD has low power consumption, no noise, anti-vibration, low heat characteristics. These features not only make the data stored more safety, but also extend the devices which uses battery-powered to continue operate.
SSD interface specifications, the definitions, functions and methods of use are identical with traditional hard drive, shape and size of the product is also fully consistent with the ordinary hard disk. Solid state disk is divided into two types, one is the use of flash memory as the storage medium, the other is the use of DRAM as storage medium.
Solid hard drive based on Flash, using FLASH chips as the storage medium, which is what we usually call SSD. The biggest advantage is that you can move it, and can be adapter to a variety of environments, but life is not long, suitable for individual users.
The solid hard drive which is based on DRAM is designed to emulate traditional hard drive, can be set up and manage by most operating system’s file. It is a high-performance memory, and long service life, only drawback is the need to separate power to protect data security. DRAM SSDs are relatively non-mainstream device.
Now, you may have a clear understanding of solid hard drive. The next thing for you is to choose a best solid state drive for yourself. If you like shopping online, you can come to Aulola.com to have a look. A lot of choices are waiting for you.
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четверг, 13 июня 2013 г.
How to clean your keyboard dirt in gap? jennifer0812 08:21:39
Many people are used to eating or smoking when you use your computer. You may find that food debris, dirt and dust is fall to the place where is difficult to clean. The keyboard is the most easy to get dirty and most difficult to clean.
Since the emergence of mini usb vacuum cleaner, you do not need to worry about the dirt can not be cleaned up. Some product Features is:
1. It can be used directly into the USB port, no additional power supply, low noise, low power consumption.
2. Effective removal the computer keyboard dust.
3. It equipped with lights in order to focus effectively vacuuming.
4. >Designed with adjustable high-grade to absorb heavy dust..
5. It can also be used to cleaning the dust of chassis, digital cameras, monitors, main box and other IT products.
The front-end of usb vacuum cleaner are interchangeable. The annex provides two suction, you can draw some large debris to use the relatively large diameter suction. The other is from the brush and three relatively small suction composition, convenient side brush dust from the keyboard side draw. When used it, connected it to the USB interface, open the switch can be at work. And it equipped with LED light lamps in order to draw microscopic dust. LED lights can be turned simultaneously, the equivalent of a very small USB light.
From then on you can enjoy a comfortable, clean environment of the computer. Come to Aulola to select one fot yourself.
Source from:
Buy it from: http://www.aulola.c­om/computer-laptop-p­c-keyboard-usb-2-0-g­rn-vacuum-cleaner.ht­ml

Категории: Usb vacuum cleaner, LED light lamps
четверг, 6 июня 2013 г.
Folding bluetooth keyboard is a good gift jennifer0812 09:25:22
The shape of everyone’s fingers are not same. People who have big fingers are in trouble when they typing on the touch screen keyboard. Many Chineses mannufacturers design a protable wireless keyboard for these people to use on their smart phone and tablet.
The advantage of folding bluetooth keyboard is that you can prevent dust, saving desktop space, you can also use it to remove control. Compared with soft keyboard, floding keyboard is more convenient to use because soft keyboard must be placed on the hard objects to use.
Aulola have many high cost-effective buletooth wireless keyboard, here is product features about folding bluetooth keyboard below:
­­ ­­
1 The built-in Bluetooth 3.0 wireless keyboard.
2 Easily connecting with tablet
3 Quiet keystrokes, dustproof ,waterproof.
4 Support IOS Android Windows system
5 Suitable for smart telephone tablet
6 More comfortable keyboard design
7 Energy saving keyboard sleep patterns
8 Quiet keystrokes, waterproof dustproof ,latest folding design.
9 Battery Lithium Polymer
10 Capacity: 300mAh
Product specification:
1 Bluetooth version: 3.0
2 product Size: 24.6*7.8*0.81cm(ope­n)12.3*7.91.5cm(clos­e)
3 color:WHITE 4 working current : <5mA
5 sleep current: <0.7mA
6 Working voltage : 3.7V
7 Uninterrupted use time:80hour
8 Key life: 2000 W times
9 working day: 25 day
10 Charging time :3-4hour
11 working range: 10m
This keyboard have silicone membrane to waterproof, the weight is very light and it’s easy to carry out. It’s also a good gift to old people who is not accustomed to using the touch screen keyboard.
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среда, 5 июня 2013 г.
How to protect your hands and touch-screen in winter? jennifer0812 08:54:54
When the iPad published, you can see some guys holding their iPad play cool on the street from time to time. However, as temperatures continue to decline, the touch screen gloves came into being.
Why do the touch screen gloves can work? This because human body is the temperature sensing conductor, in the winter when people wear gloves to use the touch screen, all features of touch screen can’t be used. The gloves insulated hand and screen, the screen can not sense the temperature of human body, so the operation is basically impossible.
China has a lot of factories can produce a highly cost-effective touch screen gloves. The price is low but the quality is good. Here is some product features about knitting touch screen gloves:
1.Now keep your gloves on and use your touch screen devices at the same time
2.Works with all devices of capacitive touch screens
3.Add the unique electrical and thermal conductivity fibers
4.Micro-electro-eff­ective sensing body
5.Use part of the conductive fiber
6.Soft and delicate texture, thickness, warm touch hundred percent
7.Use your phone, iPad, Tablet, Camera or any other capacitive touch screens
8.Perfect for the winter time
9.Only different color fingertips are available for capacitive screen, others are just like the normal gloves
From the date of birth, our hands never stopped activities to the end of life. We often overlook the important of hands. Recently, the hand injures accounted for 20%. Thus, in the winter, when using
The touch screen phone, right selection and use of protective equipment is necessary.
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Дневник пользователя "jennifer0812"

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